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Content Server Mobile - Disable the ability to send attachments

edited April 10 in AppWorks
Hello- I have Content Server Mobile set up in our test environment and it's actually pretty slick!  However, there a few things that I'm I'm wondering if they will be changed in future versions.  Does anyone know any roadmap for CS Mobile?  What's the best way to provide feedback to the product team?  My company has a list of items we'd like to see changed to make a good product really good.

One of the primary concerns we have is how easy it is to download and attach files from Content Server into other apps on the mobile device.  I'm not so worried about links to documents but am that the actual file can be easily downloaded out of CS.  This one will likely be a showstopper for us on rolling out CS Mobile to the masses.  

Does anyone know if this can be disabled somehow?  

Thanks in advance!
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