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Exciting changes to the developer community forum!

We are refreshing how we support developers working with our OpenText products and solutions from top to bottom - and the Developer Network community forum is included in these changes! 

At first, you'll see a styling change to be more in line with the changes seen on OpenText | Developer

Then over the coming weeks, we are moving away from having separate categories for each product, so you can focus the discussion on the type of post you have created! You can also add tags to your post to reference certain products or about the topic itself.

Existing posts are currently being tagged with the product they are referencing, and then will be moved to their most appropriate discussion type category.

We hope you'll like the refreshed forum. We want it to become a communication platform that allows us to engage and share news with all of our developers.

We welcome your feedback and comments in this forum as we continue to improve upon this experience.
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