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Not able to promote tdocument

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Facing issue while promoting a file from webtop 

Error in promoting the file
[DM_POLICY_E_ERROR_1600]error: "The User Actions Proc failed. Details:Error in user action Published state for document: null"

Thank you


  • Verify that lifecycle is attached to document - you cant promote if there isn't associated lifecycle on the document (ie r_policy_id has value).
  • Life cycle is attached and r_policy_id has a value.
  • Assuming the user has permissions to promote, Try uninstalling and re-installing the lifecycle object.
  • Yes, user have proper permissions and I have admin role and getting the same error.
    I have removed the lifecyle event for the document from DA and then not able to attach lifecycle back in


    Attaching lifecycle failed 
    [DM_POLICY_E_ERROR_1600]error: "The User Actions Proc failed. Details:null"
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    When I said uninstall/reinstall, this is for the lifecycle object itself, not the document it is attached to.  Using DA, use IAPI editor, and just use these api:


    Replace <r_policy_id> with 16 char object ID of lifecycle.
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