Using OTDS Impersonation REST API

I am developing a solution where I need to Impersonate users in eDOCS.
eDOCS is set up as a Resource in OTDS.
I tried the API call "/authentication/ticketforuser" and I got a ticket for a specific user. When I try to use that ticket as "X-DM-DTS" in the header when calling eDOCS REST API I get "No Security Token has been Set".
Should I use "/authentication/resource/ticketforuser"?
If so, how do I use it?
I can not figure out what the "secureSecret/authenticator" is.

OTDS API reference:!%2Fauthentication%2FresourceRequestTicketForUser_post_5&tab=501



  • Sunil Kancharla

    Hi Peter,

    Could you please provide the settings/setup involved to integrate the eDOCS Resource in OTDS. Also I am looking to integrate some 3rd party AD into OTDS, so that what ever the groups or users added under 3rd party AD should reflect under OTDS.

    If you have any details regarding please provide the same.

    Thank you in advance for your help


    Sunil Kancharla