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Parameter: Listbox with Dynamic value from DataSet is empty on the production server.

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I create a parameter with data set for using with Listbox. In my birt designer with jetty, it's showed correct data from database in Listbox. I, however, deploy rptdesign file to production server (Tomcat 8, Birt 4.8, OpenJDK 8) then showed empty data in Listbox. How can I fix this issue?


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    Parameter Data Type: String
  • It may be that when you deploy the report, data is not available for the report. You can confirm this by running this report without any parameter from your server, if your report still fails most likely this is the issue. 
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    I have already fixed this issue. I found a solution at Ethan wrote a trick to show error in Tomcat. By the way, I put "reportContext().getMessage()" command in "beforeOpen" event of DataSet that used by Parameter then look in Tomcat log. It will show some error messages about SQL Query.
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