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Is there an equivalent using DFC for api getfile or getcontent calls?

Is there an equivalent using DFC for api getfile or getcontent calls?  Use case is:  get the content of a rendition based on page_modifier (attribute of dmr_content).  The dql: 

select dm_document.r_object_id, dmr_content.page_modifier

  from dmr_content, dm_document (all)

where any dmr_content.page_modifier > ' '

  and dmr_content.full_format='pdf'

  and any dmr_content.parent_id = dm_document.r_object_id




  • IDfSysObject.getFileEx2()
  • bacham3 said:

    Do you happen to have a code snippet that takes advantage of getFileEx2?

    I am unclear how it would be called on a file with multiple PDF renditions.

    The page_modifier is the only way to differentiate the renditions.

    The equivalent API call is:


    Thanks for helping.

  • @EdH1 - Bacham3 was just pointing you in the right direction.  If you are planning to do any coding, please download and review DFC javadocs.  In the javadocs, you will see method signature is:

    getFileEx2(String fileName, String formatName, int pageNumber, String pageModifier, boolean other)
  • Thank you very much for the information!
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