how does this function postComponentJumpEvent() works in jsp

Hi Experts!

We had below customization in our customised titlebar.jsp. Not sure how the below postComponentJumpEvent works to understand where exactly the query will execute.

function onClickCustomSearch ()
var contentPage = eval(getAbsoluteFramePath("content"));
if (contentPage != null)
var text = document.getElementById("txtSearch1");
var strValue = trim(text.value);
if (strValue != "" && strValue != "<%=strSearch %>")
//var strDQL="select * from agl_control_document where upper(agl_consignment_id)='"+strValue.toUpperCase()+"'";

var strDQL="<%=STRSELECT1 %>'"+strValue.toUpperCase()+"'<%=STRLOWERASSIGN1 %>'"+strValue.toLowerCase()+"'<%=STRUNION1 %> '"+strValue.toUpperCase()+"'<%=STRLOWERASSIGN1 %> '"+strValue.toLowerCase()+"'<%=STRHIDDEN1 %>";
//alert("agl_consignment_id "+strDQL);

postComponentJumpEvent(null, "search", "content", "queryType", "dql", "query", strDQL);
//postComponentJumpEvent(null, "search", "content", "query", strValue);
if (typeof text.autoComplete != "undefined" && text.autoComplete != null)
// add the search string to client-side's auto-complete suggestions
var prefs = InlineRequestEngine.getPreferences(InlineRequestType.JSON);
postInlineServerEvent(null, prefs, null, null, "onUpdateAutoCompleteData", null, null);


  • Since you are doing WDK/Webtop customization, I suggest you read WDK Development guide and WDK Tutorial to understand how the WDK works - its rudimentary MVC model.

    To answer your question, the strDQL is passed to search component.
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