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number to string conversion appending , example 2018 shown as 2,018

I have data set, query returns year, month, day (all these are integer in database). I am creating dataCube for drilldown
but very first time, year shows as 2,018

To replicate this I created sample inline data in attached report, last third chart shows year as 2,018
Then I added computed column comp_year on year that convert integer to year and show 2,018

WHy, BIRT is introducting ,?
how I can avoid this , character?


  • please see attached report to see problem
  • Hi Venu,

    Sorry for the slow responses to forum posts.  I have not had much time to look at the forums this week.  I think you can fix this issue by changing the year to integer data type in the data cube.  Then refresh the chart bindings.
    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
  • yes, we can change data type in cube bindings and levels definition as integer.... but it gives another problem in drill-down....
    month  automatically changed to integer and sort is wrong example 1,2,6,10,11,12 were shown as 1,10,11,12,6 (after locale it shows Jan,Oct,Nov,Dec,Jun)

    My second point was, even in DataSet previe comp_year_str(yearInt) showing 2,018; how I can avoid it?

  • The comma is added in the data set preview because it is localized:
    If you want the column to be a string without a comma, you need to add code like: row["year"].toString().replace(/[,]+/g, '')

    To fix the Category Axis sorting, add a sort expression in the chart editor using the icon to the right of the Category Axis data expression..

    Jeff F.
    Sr. Technical Support Specialist
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