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override doSave() of an xCP type

For Audit I need to get the full java stack trace when any client saves a modified xCP object. In classic Documentum I would create a TBO with the doSave() method.
xCP has the Business Event "<typename> Updated", but it fires on pre-commit which is too late and I can't determine the caller of save().

I managed to add a default non-xCP aspect to the xCP type, but it breaks further deployments when xDA is in production mode: Unable to remove default aspect 'audit' from type tst_testsave


  • "... but it fires on pre-commit which is too late and I can't determine the caller of save()"

    - What are you trying to capture?  We are able to read the user associated with the session when we updated business event is triggered.
  • I was able to replace an xCP Type Fragment with my aspect using Composer.
    Therefore I was able to add a TBO into an xCP type.

    This approach doesn't break subsequent deploys, becase xCP will not try to undo our changes to the Type Fragment.
    Initially, for a Type Fragment xCP creates an aspect with the primary class com.emc.xcp.runtime.aspect.impl.DefaultAspect and puts defaultaspect.jar into the aspect dm_folder.
    With the help of Composer I managed to upload my custom implementation jar into this folder and to replace the primary class with mine that overrides doSave().

    DCTM_Guru said:
    - What are you trying to capture?
    I need the java stack trace that calls save().

  • Glad to hear that you found a solution.  Kind of extreme that you have dump stack trace for auditing purposes.  Audit management built into Content Server is very robust.  Sometimes its too robust; we actually create version object that copies the attribute values of "parent" object to version object any time xcp object is modified (as well as version the version object).
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