Scenario : Start a process in Appworks when a new document is deposited in content server


We have a capture system that sends documents to app works and starts a process. It covers most of the documents that are coming in.

They are Scanned, OCR’ed then classified and metadata added. Then they are pushed to a process that’s steers the document to start the proper business process. Simply put a document is a functionality.

A certain category of documents represents an action to be done. For example, FORM A99923 starts an automatic modification to a client banking option (goes from auto pre-paid weekly to biweekly and this sends out commands to mission systems with the info ocr’ed from the document)

The scenario we want to cover is.

Content Server and enterprise connect would kind of become our on the fly capture for employees. I want to be able to start a process when a new document enters a BWS from either enterprise connect or is a manually added document. So if an employee inserts this document from his email box we want the change to be automated via BPM

Options I have managed to come up with but find a bit too shaky can you help me out and tell me if there is anything else that could be done.

Opt 1

Associate a workflow in Content that sends an email with the document link have an service Trap it and send it to the steering Process (Mailroom)

Opt 2     

Have a bpm on schedule to run each X nb minute and verify if any BWS (pre determined) have a Document Added

OPT 3     

Something Built in out of the box That I could Use that I do not yet find that you are going to tell me how to use  ;)


  • Ethan BeisherEthan Beisher AppWorks Solution Expert EM
    Unfortunately, no Option 3 that I know of. I think both of your other options are good ideas. I would probably lean toward option 2.
  • Ethan BeisherEthan Beisher AppWorks Solution Expert EM
    edited June 23
    OK, I spoke to one of my colleagues that is more familiar with Content Suite. This may be a better alternative, depending on how strong your Content Server development skills are compared to AppWorks Platform skills:

    Included with xECM is the Content Intelligence package. Part of that package includes WebReports. You should be able to add a WR Trigger to a folder (or set of cascading folders). The WR Trigger initiates a WebReport that calls the AppWorks Platform web service to run your BPM.

    I do not have any more information on this, but will direct you to the WebReport documentation and the WebReport Forum.
  • Thank you very much ill investigate this tomorrow very helpful
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