Calling Content Server Webservices from AppWorks BPM - get token from current user context


I have xECM enabled and I now need to create folders, create shortcuts in Businessworkspaces from AppWorks. I can call Content Server methods in WSDL outside AppWorks but not sure how we can do that from AppWorks. I have added Content Server Auth & Docmgmt WSDLs into AppWorks. Is there a way to get the token for current user context from Appworks and can be exchanged it for Content Server?


  • Ethan BeisherEthan Beisher AppWorks Solution Expert EM
    There is an internal / unsupported method of doing so. I will send the Java code to you directly. There is a feature request to add official support to the product.
  • Thanks Ethan. Yes I think that would be great if its made available for public use
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