PLC Workflow fails with error - ENG: ***ERROR - Unable to resolve Node name

I am using TeamSite 16.4 and enabled the LSCS deployments in PLC workflow. The workflow has two approval process preproduction and production.
I have updated the following configuration files

1. customer-teamsite-resource-config.xml and added entry for preproduction 
2. odnodes.xml - Have an entry

<replicationFarm name="preproduction">
<nodeRef useNode="APP01">
<targetRules area="/app/wildfly/standalone/deployments/iw-runtime.war">
<permissionRules file="755" directory="755" user="xxxxx" group="xxxxx"/>

Still it fails with following error 

ENG: End of deployment config file[C:\Interwoven\OpenDeployNG\conf\lscs\commit-deploy-plc_kckvx650kckvx651.xml]
ENG: ***ERROR - Unable to resolve Node name preproduction. Check your node name.
ENG: ***ERROR - Failed to start deployment.
ENG: End logfile [C:\Interwoven\OpenDeployNG\log\lscs\src.commit-deploy-plc_kckvx650kckvx65118de11be6b7923cf3e75e2a2b4a122de.log]

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


  • Try running iwodserverreset and then run it again. 
  • Thank you Andy. I tried it unfortunately it's still shows the same error.
    When I disable the LSCS deployments it's able to find the node and deployment is thru. When I enable LSCS deployment it's not able to find the node. I also have opened case with support till now no luck.
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