Log of branches / workareas / directories navigated to in ContentCenter

Hi - Are there any logs of branches / workareas / directories navigated to in the Content tab in CCPro?

E.g. At 2020-07-16 10:00 AM user jsmith navigated to //thefarm/production/main/agriculture/WORKAREA/content/sites/agriculture/contact (through the location bar, navigation pane, view pane etc) and viewed the list of directories/files within.

I've scoured through the usual suspects under /var/log/TeamSite but noting seemed to record those transactions.

Reason for looking - we're encountering a cache size issue using 32-bit TeamSite (7.3.2) , which may be tied to the size of particular branches exceeding the recommended number of files and directories for the cachesize, and when the branch is navigated to in Content Center, may be causing the cache to push the virtual memory toward the 4GB limit and forcing TS to close the content stores.


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