Manipulating Documentum D2's Content Download Authentication

We just switched our Authentication process, from using HTTPS Header SSO from our Authentication Provider to passing these Auth attributes server side so it is more secure.

This Authentication configuration is working now AJP server side attribute passing regarding system login.

The problem appears when trying to download files Via D2, downloads fail.

D2httpsservlet is still looking for the Old HTTP Headers that no longer exist. 

I need to know where I can find the right Class to manipulate, so that D2 Downloads are Authenticating based on our new, NON-HTTP Authentication.

This exists in web.xml but I don't see the class on the server


Here is a Snippet of the WORKING HTTP based Servlet from our PROD environment that has not been updated yet.

2020-07-30 17:35:05 [INFO ] [ajp-apr-8009-exec-6] - c.e.d.d.s.D2HttpServlet[                    ] : Download - START
2020-07-30 17:35:05 [INFO ] [ajp-apr-8009-exec-6] - c.e.d.d.s.D2HttpServlet[                    ] : Download - HTTP Headers
^^^The 2nd line fails in the changed environment, it NEVER downloads the HTTP Headers^^^

Should I be looking to edit the HTTPHeaderFilter.class in this directory?


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