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We are excited to announce the styling change to the Developer Network community forum in line with changes we introduced a few months ago to OpenText | Developer. Developers can leverage the forum to post questions, provide answers to the community, share examples, start threads and more to help build a community that evolves around best practices and drives further adoption and awareness.


We want to draw your attention to a couple of key additions. You will notice the Post Something action in each category. We want you to engage as much as possible so you will see a Post Something action to encourage you to POST!  Your POST drafts are also prominent in case you need to come back and finish or edit your POST.


TAGS. You can now add tags to your post to reference certain products or about the topic itself. You will also see Top Tags (coming very soon!) so you can easily identify trending categories. My Bookmarks and latest Announcements help you personalize and get access to the latest updates in a single view.

You can find the new home to the Developer Network forum here to start exploring and engaging. We also welcome your feedback as we work together to make an exceptional OpenText Developer experience!


OpenText Developer Team

Shamir Somani | Director Product Management | OpenText


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir Moderator EM admin

    We have also updated our Developer community experience with a new Editor.

    The new Rich editor allows for intuitive styling and formatting to posts and discussions. Here is a quick rundown of the functions that are currently available.

    Text formatting

    It provides you with familiar formatting options when highlighting text:

    This first set of buttons allows you to add bold, italic, strike, code, or link formatting to selected text. This menu is dynamic and contextual, appearing wherever the user makes a selection. The following standard keyboard shortcuts also work when you have begun typing inside the editor.

    • ctrl+b or ⌘+b for bold.
    • ctrl+i or ⌘+i for italic.
    • ctrl+k or ⌘+k for link.

    Paragraph formatting

    There is a new paragraph level formatting menu in order to surface more formatting options:

    Clicking on the floating 'paragraph' icon that appears in line while you are typing, presents you with the following:


    You can easily created nested list, up to 4 levels deep:

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