What's New - OpenText Developer Experience 20.4!

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The OpenText Developer Experience continues to evolve! This time with a refreshed developer journey which focuses on capabilities across OpenText offerings.

 Here is what we’ve added in 20.4:


  • A landing page re-design to showcase the growing catalog of capabilities to manage information from any of our technologies. We have grouped these services into a set of capabilities to enable developers to see all the possible ways that we help create secure, flexible apps
  • A single API catalog for all OpenText APIs. APIs are available in Swagger 2.0 or Open API 3.0 to meet the requirements of the modern developer. Specs are converted into a consistent representation of error codes and samples so that information is readable and scrollable
  • Documentation is now organized in a single catalog view across all OpenText services easing searchability and discoverability
  • Learning from the community might be the most essential aspect of engaging developers. Developers can leverage the forum to post questions, provide answers to the community, provide code samples, start threads and more to help build a community that evolves around best practices and drives further adoption and awareness
  • A free trail enabling you to explore the Developer Console and the OT2 Information Management (IM) Services
  • Developer Console is where developers can provision their own credentials to access the OT2 IM services and track API usage and storage volumes
  • OT2 Services are headless although there is a workflow modeler that supports the export of process definitions as JSON file for storage in a repository such as GitHub
  • The OT2 IM Services are secured using OAuth 2.0 and OAuth Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) authentication code extension. This allows Single-Page Applications (SPA) and native mobile applications that run on iOS and Android to be securely supported as well as the Standard traditional server applications using frameworks like Spring Boot, Express or ASP.NET


We hope you like the changes and as always, your feedback is welcomed!


OpenText Developer Team

Shamir Somani | Director Product Management | OpenText

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