opentext WEM version 7.6

we are using old version of Open text called "Vignette 7.6"

i noticed at specific time on the day , Tomcat Application server hanging and not respond

when i made a thread dump


while in the database i have a lot of free session

i tried to get information from the pool using the following code

String poolName = "AppSvcs Resource";

VgnConnectionPool pool = VgnConnectionPool.getInstance(poolName);

i noticed at the time window if the issue , number of connection int the connection pool increasing continually and didn't released and become connected for a long time ,

which at point of time it reach to max and error message appear



  • Do you have any custom code using this pool?

    Take a thread dump of Tomcat instance when issue happen next time. That can help you narrow down the root cause. If it is custom code issue you will need to fix it. If it is product issue, then you will need to upgrade as your version is too old to get any official support.