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Site Update - Improved Community Following and Notification Preferences

Karen Weir
Karen Weir ModeratorE admin
edited February 24 in Announcements #1

New and Improved Category Following and notification preference settings!

We strive to continuously improve your community experience, giving our developers the ease-of-use and personalization needed to connect with experts.

What's New?

We updated the category following feature, including a simple way to follow a category, improved options for notifications, as well as quick access to your list of followed categories.

New visual indicator:

The new bell icon will appear when you have clicked into a category.

New notification functions in the Follow feature, including:

  • Follow on my homepage
    • This refines your list of categories to only display the ones you are interested in (no email notifications).
  • Discussions
    • Notifies you of all new discussions posted
  • Discussions and Comments
    • As the title suggests, you will be notified of all new posts and comments added to all new & existing posts within the category.
  • Unfollow
    • Removes this category from your My Followed Category List, and disables the notification

Simplified Notification Preferences:

Click on the bell icon in the site header, then select the configuration icon as highlighted above.

In the Notification Preferences page, you will see a list of categories that you chose to follow. In here, you can choose to receive email notifications and/or popups that appear when signed into the community.


For community members that have followed categories in the past, and/or have set notification preferences - all of your settings will remain.

Additional Quick Links to personalize your experience:

We added Quick Links to make it easier to find what you have followed.

My Followed Discussions

  • This is a list of all recent discussions in categories that you follow.
  • To change your view, simply click All Recent Discussions

My Followed Categories

  • This is a list of categories that you have chosen to follow.
  • To change your view, simply click All Categories.

See it in action!

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