Maximo BIRT passing an application parameter

edited February 11, 2022 in Analytics #1

Good afternoon,

I hope that all is well with you and yours.

I am new to BIRT reporting and have made good progress through research – reading the guides and the eclipse forum, opentext forum. Many hours searching the internet.

I have a dilemma trying to create listing of follow-up work orders on a report that I generate automatically through an automation script. All works well passing the WONUM as the application parameter except, the follow-up work orders. If I use .... + " where origrecordid ='" + params["where"] +"'" it works in BIRT Report Designer Preview when I give it a WONUM. But I have tried countless combinations before importing the design file in through Report Administration also taking care to generate a new request page after each iteration of the importation.

These have included joining the RELATEDRECORD table and of course using the workorder attribute origrecordid.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.