Localizing row data for PDF TOC

edited February 11, 2022 in Analytics #1

I'm working on a report build where I've got a few tables that have multiple grouping levels.

The groups are indicator text (think regulatory report sections) that needs to be localized, so I created all the mappings in a resource properties file for the detail rows which works as expected.

However, whenever I try to set the TOC expression for the groupings using reportContext.getMessage() using row data and reportContext.getLocale(), I end up with blank text.

Is there something I'm missing here in regards to setting that TOC expression to map the value appropriately, or am I stuck having empty strings if I don't want to display the esoteric indicator value codes?

ExpressionValue : Output

row[Indicator] : <insert esoteric indicator value here>

reportContext.getMessage(row[Indicator],reportContext.getLocale()) : <blank>

reportContext.getMessage(<hard coded text value found in properties file>, reportContext.getLocale()) : <blank>