Drill down for details in a report

trebo Member
edited February 11, 2022 in Analytics #1

I've been trying to get drill-down working in my reports (by grouping) within the same page via expand/collapse is highly preferred.

Looking around I've seen lots of references to these two pages:

This one sounds like it could be what I want.

http://www.birt-exchange.org/devshare/designing-birt-reports /1126-collapse-groups-client-side/#description

This one seems like it could work too:


Unfortunately both of those links are no longer working, and what I think are rptdesigns based on those ideas that I have found, are no longer working. Either the report loads and it doesn't do anything, or the report fails to load (with error messages). I Don't really understand the design of how they worked or I could at least try to study the rptdesigns that i have found and fix them.

I'd really appreciate some help on this.