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About the IoT Platform

Bob Slevin
Bob Slevin Senior Manager Product Marketing - IoTE mod
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Leverage an API-first, policy-driven platform to control and automate identity functions.

The OpenText IoT Platform provides an identity-centric approach to managing day to day operations of industrial assets and connected things. The platform provides key capabilities to remotely monitor equipment, create secure interactions and integrations to back office systems and optimize business operations.

The OpenText IoT Platform allows industrial companies to build complete digital twins, or representations of any piece of equipment or serviceable asset, to support downstream processes, including:

Asset monitoring: Monitors industrial asset location, condition, utilization, performance or health—the necessary foundation for process improvement and asset utilization optimization.

Predictive maintenance: Leverages sensor data to determine the real-time performance of industrial equipment and, based on historical sensor information, the likelihood of equipment failure.

Data-driven services: Uses data generated by connected industrial assets to offer new, value added services to customers. Transforms the operation of downstream business systems and improves customer engagement, using lifecycle data obtained from industrial assets.

Learn more about the OpenText IoT Platform here.

Bob Slevin | Sr. Manager Product Marketing | OpenText IoT