Disable 'open' event on click resultlist item


Is there an option available in AWP to disable the 'open' event when a user clicks a row in a result list. So, the end-user requires to mark it and select an action from the actionbar.

Thanks, Antal


  • @AppWorks Tips , We don't have this configuration available. Can you let us know the requirement so that we can plan this feature in our roadmap?

  • @nssmani We have a requirement that the end-user should be able to select text from a cell in the result list. This is not possible as after you select the text and get your let go of the mouse button, the open event triggers and you're on the next screen. The just want to be able to copy the text directly to use it in further correspondence.

    Thx, Antal

  • Thanks Antal for the details. Currently AppWorks doesn't have this configuration.