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Starting action by ECL.WS

Hi. I have a simple administration form with one text field, one button and a grid. When user inputs process name into that field and press button, sql is executed and all available stages for that process appear in the grid. It works if i open this form by the web (by chrome). Now i need to do that by startAction from ECL.WS. I'm sending reqest with field and button, but grid in response is empty, code under button is not executed. This works in metastorm v 7.6 but not in 9.5 to which a am currently migrating. What a am doing wrong?


  • Check in the Chrome Developer Tools to see if there is a script error or other kind of error.

  • I'm not using a web browser, request is prepared in java code and send to ECL web service via soap. I just found that if i send a another request to refill method, i've got values in grid in refill response. Can i change this behavior? I need calculated values in startaction response, as i've got in metastorm 7.6