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Filter on multiple attributes

Hi All,

With the content metadata service i'm trying to combine a filter.

So when I use the filter: " status eq 'Concept' " it works. When I use the filter " name like '%test%' " it works too. Even when I do "status eq 'Concept' and name like '%%' " it works.

However when I use the filter "status eq 'Concept' and name like '%demo%'" it suddenly doesn't give me any results anymore (and I checked, I should get multiple results)

I've tried it with different fields. The only thing that does seem to work is combining text fields with data fields.

How does this work?


  • Hi Martijn,

    That syntax works fine for me. An example query that works is:

    /instances/any/cms_any?filter=description eq 'root folder' and category like '%fol%'

    This returns just the CMS root folder for me. Does that query work for you?



  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I think I did something wrong yesterday because it seems to work today...really weird

    Anyway, thanks again!