Scheduled notification user preferences in 23.2 error

Could it be the new scheduled notification user preferences in AppWorks 23.2 will only work with an OAuth enabled e-mail service container?

When I open the user preferences in runtime, I directly see an error in the Application_Server.xml logging of the platform:

The [ GetOAuthConfig ] method is not supported for the given configuration

Please, let me know if this is the case or if it should also work with a classic non-oauth mail service container? If not, what would be the recommended mail server to try this out from a developer perspective (next to Gmail, or O365 mail)?

BR, Antal


  • Could you please provide the complete stack trace from Application_Server.xml to get more insight on it.

  • AppWorks Tips
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    First part is when the email service container is down; The second part is when it's up and running with this simple configuration (I use smtp4dev to try it out):

  • Scheduled notification in user preferences will work with OAuth and Non OAuth enabled email service containers also.

    We are looking into 'The [ GetOAuthConfig ] method is not supported for the given configuration.' error in Application_Server.xml.It will not effects the functionality.

  • @AppWorks Tips , Do you still face some issues using the Notification feature ?

  • Hi @nssmani,

    Not one notification mail is send out? I have the schedular service up and running as well, but nothing; I only get the error from the post.
    I can show you today after lunch (13.00 CEST), if you have the time?

    BR, Antal