Enhancements for Dynamic workflow 23.2


I try to understand the idea behind these supported lists from the new release:

  • All Inactive workflows – Workflow admin
  • My Workflow Inactive user tasks
  • All Inactive user tasks

Only, the more I search, to more unclear it gets; Does anybody have a clear answer on the below comment:


Are we talking "template" workflows here or the instances of the template? The templates can indeed be made (in)active and you can filter on it in runtime under the 'Workflow templates' node (for workflow admins). From a workflow instances point of view it is required to create a 'List' BB on the related 'DynamicWorkflows' entity, but the states follow the states of a running lifecycle (see the CIM!) which don't include (active|inactive).

How about 'My workflow'? Are these the workflows "assigned" to you from the corresponding BB and can contain tasks where the user is made inactive? Or do I get a result of tasks (of inactive users) where the workflow is assigned to me? Is this a 'List' BB we can create ourselves?

There is an "old" artifact 'Inactive Users Tasks'...Are we talking about this? Or do we need to add a 'List' BB to the 'LifecycleTask' where we filter on 'Task.State'?

And…Have these 2 expressions any relation with it?
`$(deletedUsersWithTasks())` and `$(disabledUsersWithTasks())`


Thx, Antal


  • Antal
    Are we talking "template" workflows here or the instances of the template?
    This is not related to templates. These lists are related to workflow instances and tasks.

    1. All Inactive workflows - Workflow admin
      1. Available for Workflow Instance Administrator role
      2. Lists all the workflows whose initiator is inactive

    2. My Workflow Inactive user tasks
      1. List is visible for all users with at-least a role Dynamic workflow user
      2. If the assignee of a task is inactive, this task will be shown in this list if logged in user is either
        1. Initiator of task's workflow
        2. The task is an Inquiry task and initiated by logged in user.
    3. All Inactive user tasks
      1. Available for Workflow Administrator
      2. List all the tasks from all the workflows where task assignee is inactive

    Have these 2 expressions any relation with it?
    $(deletedUsersWithTasks()) and `$(disabledUsersWithTasks())
    Yes, this list makes use of the above expressions

  • @Shanti Vardhan I did a search for the roles "Workflow Administrator", "Workflow Instance Administrator", and "Dynamic workflow user". They are not on my list:

    Do I miss something, do I need to deploy/enable something?

    Just for the good understanding; These are lists available out of the box when the user is applied to the correct role? So, no self-configuration with 'List' BBs

    Thx, Antal

  • Shanti Vardhan
    edited May 11, 2023 #4


    Above roles are part of an application used to integrate Dynamic workflow with xECM. You can check it by deploying the application 'OpenText Dynamic Workflow for Extended ECM' but this application is specific to xECM integration.

  • That's indeed my "AHA" moment! Found it…Thank you

  • Just to be clear, this xECM package is for the Extended ECM for Government integration, and it just uses the two new expressions to define these lists. In reality in your own application you should create your own roles and lists using these expressions to provide the same kind of functionality.