error opening workspaces and other items when logged in with Azure


We are having problems opening workspaces and other items when we are logged in with Azure. The problems do not occur when we login with accounts created within Core. It seems the problems occur since the last upgrade from Core Content.

Opening a workspace shows the following error:

Console logging is as follows:

jquery.js:10193 GET 404 (Not Found)
send @ jquery.js:10193
ajax @ jquery.js:9774
csui.define.z.ajax @ backbone.js:1655
csui.define.z.sync @ backbone.js:1632
sync @ backbone.js:430
sync @ uploadable.mixin.js:241
sync @ server.adaptor.mixin.js:184
Q @ ot2cm.connector.js:302
W @ ot2cm.connector.js:354
P @ ot2cm.connector.js:399
L.sync @ ot2cm.connector.js:376
fetch @ backbone.js:598
fetch @ fetchable.mixin.js:67
fetch @ server.adaptor.mixin.js:381
csui.define.b.fetch @ node.model.js:628
fetch @ next.node.js:76
onNextNodeChanged @ node.perspective.context.plugin.js:208
A @ backbone.js:321
d @ backbone.js:306
c @ backbone.js:94
csui.define.n.trigger @ backbone.js:296
set @ backbone.js:513
set @ node.model.js:408
(anonymous) @ open.node.perspective.js:27
execCb @ require.js:1855
check @ require.js:1025
enable @ require.js:1318
init @ require.js:930
(anonymous) @ require.js:1612
setTimeout (async)
req.nextTick @ require.js:1991
s @ require.js:1601
requirejs @ require.js:1973
execute @ open.node.perspective.js:12
executeAction @ command.js:24
executeAction @ defaultaction.js:38
(anonymous) @ nodestable.view.js:1635
A @ backbone.js:319
d @ backbone.js:306
c @ backbone.js:94
csui.define.n.trigger @ backbone.js:296
(anonymous) @ marionette.js:694
triggerMethod @ marionette.js:1987
(anonymous) @ table.view.js:316
A @ backbone.js:319
d @ backbone.js:306
c @ backbone.js:94
csui.define.n.trigger @ backbone.js:296
_i @ table.view.js:4574
(anonymous) @ table.view.js:3623
dispatch @ jquery.js:5468
q.handle @ jquery.js:5272

So the problem only occurs when logging in with an Azure AD user.


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir E Community Administrator

    Thanks for posting. I'll share it with our Core Content team now.

  • gvicari
    gvicari E Community Moderator

    Hi, this has been identified as a bug and is in the process of being fixed.

  • Hi Dave

    The fix is supposed to be deployed into the Pre-Production environment on June 19th for final validation.

    If all goes as planned it should be available in the European data center latest mid of the week (June 21st to 22nd).

    Best regards
    Xaver Fischer

  • Dave Snijders
    edited June 19, 2023 #5

    Thank you. We will test it on Friday and let you know.

  • Hi Dave,

    There was some update in the data center last night. Can you test whether you still see the issue? Thanks.

    Best regards

  • Hi Xaver,

    I just ran a test. Everything seems to be working again. I logging in using Azure and can open Workspaces, folders and documents again.

    The environment ( however has a very bad performance. This does not have anything to with this ticket. But opening a workspace, folder or a small document takes up to 10-15 seconds and longer. This makes the environment not suitable to be used as a demo environment for prospects. Is there anything that can be done to enhance the performance? Or should I create a new ticket for this?

  • Hi Dave,

    thanks for confirming that the issue with opening a workspace is solved.

    We are looking at the performance of the system.