How to use Lifecycle Task 'Read' Web Service to get the appropriate IDs within a lifecycle?

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Hello -

Our team has recently began wrapping up a project that has a series of approvals, with different BPMs. The initial BPM reads what the entity has with a 'Read' web service at the entity level, then we use a decision table to manipulate thresholds, which ultimately allows us to follow an approval workflow. We are almost to the finish line, but there are still a few tweaks we need to make before allowing users at our company to use the workflow.

We would like to adjust the link that sends from our automated email with the appropriate lifecycle IDs (that are based on what user is currently assigned to 'approve'
we would like to update the state of the task list entity with the 'Update' web service.

In theory this should be easy and could be done by using the default web services that live within the Task List/LifecycleTask entity - but this is where we are running into an issue. Which leads us to our question: how does one properly use the 'Read' Web' service within the Task List Entity?

Entity level (1) - LifecycleTask Entity (2) [where we are trying to use the web service]

The web service inputs are as follows:

<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">
<ReadLifecycleTask xmlns="http://schemas/CCICARApprovals/CAR.LifecycleTask/operations">
<ns0:LifecycleTask-id xmlns:ns0="http://schemas/CCICARApprovals/CAR.LifecycleTask">

How do I get the proper parameters for Id, ItemId, Id1 and itemId1? When we use the 'Read' web service at the entity level, we are only left with Id and ItemId.. and the web service seems to need all 4 inputs to work. We also figured that rootEntityInstanceId would work for ItemId (like we use at the entity level to read properties) but the web service just fails.

Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations/corrections?

As of now, we tried setting a faux rule from the Lifecycle Task that sets a phony property at the entity level, so we could read the entire path in our BPM, but that does not work UNTIL it is assigned to a specific user

Example of the IDs/path we need: 005056A7E0A7A1EDAE1CA59703F2233C.294919.196614

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!