How to have 'stop' task button show up? How to change default form for lifecycle tasks?

Hello -

I have two questions…

I am finishing up a project and playing around with the lifecycle tasks that are default with Appworks. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why 'stop' isn't showing up on the front-end. I have triple checked permissions at the entity AND lifecycle level. Does anyone have any ideas as to why it isn't showing up? Or is this default by Appworks?

Actions bar shows stop:

Front-end shows all of the buttons, besides 'stop'

Security permissions:


I am trying to change the default form that pops up after clicking 'skip' on a task in our new developed environment. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the verbiage/pop-up that shows up after clicking 'skip'? That would be helpful.. I have configured our BPM to edit the Lifecycle based on if a user clicks skip.

This is currently what pops up and I have no idea where to change what shows up (or if it's even possible). Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!


  • Hi Emil_R,

    • The action Stop comes only when u start a task.
    • There is no option to configure pop-ups for task actions

  • @Emil_R , Stop action is applicable only for the tasks that are started. In the Front-end screen, you see a start action available which indicates that the current task is not yet started. You try start a task by performing the start action, you can see the stop action available for you.

    For the Question2, you can write a rule based on the task status and trigger a BPM which can do your business logic. You can't customize the default UI's of task actions.