Core Content for SalesForce


Hi All,

We are trying to setup CoreContent and integrate with SalesForce. I am following the Admin guide : KB0784677 and Integrating with Salesforce as a reference point for my configuration.

While doing the configuration, we have noticed two issues. Any help on the following is much appreciated.

  1. In Salesforce, we have to set the "Core Content Subscription URL" as per the guide we need to "Enter the URL for the Core Content tenant where the subscription is configured." What is the correct url to use here? We have tried the following url, these are also added in SFDC's Remote Site setting.
    1. As are subscription is from EU data center, I have tried " which gave iframe issues but passed diagnostic report. I also used the url that shows up in the app subscription
    2. I used the URL that shows up in the App Subscription title in Admin Center "<company name> This gave error in Diagnostic report and gave internal server error
    3. Finally which gave Diagnostic report fail but redirected to login to my tenant however login did not work after providing correct email and password and was redirected back enter tenantid / tenant page.
  2. The second issue is from Core Content side, we have setup the "OAuth Authentication" under "Connection tab" in admin center. there is a save button but Test Connection button is greyed out. We also cannot create repository connection using this connection. We see a pencil icon and its gives a pop up to choose a connection but nothing is populated. Due to this, we are unable to create connected workspaces in Core Content admin page.

Any help in this regards will be helpful.