Appwork Business Process Runtime ACL

Hello guys,

thanks in advance for your work.

i newly started with AppWorks and i am facing an issue for applying an ACL on an object in my process.

i would like to know like with xCP can we create an ACL (accessors and permission) during process runtime then applied on an object.



  • Are you using AppWorks lowcode to build solutions using entities and building blocks? Then you need to ad security building block to the entity in the design time and define permissions on roles

  • As Sunil has said, AppWorks does not use the same kind of security pattern as xCP. The security building block on an entity uses roles and additional conditions to define what a user is allowed to see or do.

  • Hello guys,

    thanks for your prompt response.

    I will take into account your valuable inputs but it is sad to not have a security pattern like in xCP.