Find out the Workspace iD in Appworks

Hello guys,

am using the web service below to retrieve users of a position:

<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">

<SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP="">


<getPositionUsers xmlns="" jobID="" async="" workspaceID="">








i would like to know how to get a WorkspaceID ?

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  • @MAGE , one way is to list all workspaces for an organization with the CWSOverview tool. See the OpenText AppWorks Platform <version> Advanced Development Guide, section 'CWS command-line tool: CWSOverview'.

  • MAGE
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    Thanks @jpluimers but from my recent investigation the web service i posted above is deprecated so which one else can we use to retrieve users into a position of a Organization Unit .

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  • @MAGE 

    From 16.1 we need to use GetAssignments API from Platform service group

  • AppWorks Tips
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    From runtime you can also do it with a call like this:,Usage&%24skip=0&language=en-US


  • thanks @Shanti Vardhan @AppWorks Tips for your valuable inputs

    am going to test it