Learning to deploy Documentum on Kubernetes- UNSUPPORTED

Kyle Pettit
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A tutorial using Docker Desktop Kubernetes

😉Special thanks to Jose for contributing this tutorial. It is unofficial and unsupported. But very good info to consider.

  • Both files are needed, together, the PDF and the 7z. 
  • Slide 38 is WIP that might come in future versions. (Kubernetes Dashboard, metrics server, Kafka, RabbitMQ...). 

Maybe provide input here. Hopefully this is something that can mature to a whitepaper…

Kyle Pettit
Documentum D2 Product manager


  • Been working with Jose for about 20 years now. He's the man

  • @Kyle Pettit @Jose Maria Sotomayor this is terrific information .Thanks for putting it together for all community folks

  • Hari Prasad Dontu
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    I am following the document and found issue at the docbroker.

    [DFC_DOCBROKER_REQUEST_FAILED] Request to Docbroker "dbr-0:1489" failed

    [DFC_DOCBROKER_REQUEST_FAILED] Request to Docbroker "dbr-0:1489" failed

    [DM_SESSION_E_RPC_ERROR]error: "Server communication failure"

    java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused

    May I know what could be the resolution?

    Tried launching the dm_launch_Docbroker.sh but it says that docbroker is already launched.

    I am using Mac with M1 chip, Docker Desktop with Kubernetes support

  • I have the same problem, using minikube under Linux. Apparently the docbroker pod is not detecting correctly the host name, I have done a workaround to specify -host <hostname> of the pod in the dm_launch_Docbroker.sh where dmdocbroker is started. Then you can start is manually, but this is sub-optimal as when the container gets re-created, it's lost again. So my idea is to make a custom image that has this included, but I'm not there yet. It's also complicated to get the port 1491/1492 exported and available from outside kubernetes cluster. Both issues may be linked.

  • OpenText Documentum Docker images are for Intel x86_64 architecture. They will definitely not work on Mac with M1/M2 chips (which are based on ARM64). For components other than Documentum Server you could theoretically build your own images based on ARM64 architecture. But Documentum Server binaries require Intel x86_64 so this will never work unless OpenText makes a port to ARM64 (which incidentally would be nice as I'm also using a Macbook Pro).

  • ravivo2001
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    Thanks for the guide

  • It is mention that values.yaml needs to be updated before deploying D2's Helm Chart.

    where is this file - how can i update it?

  • KSingh

    It would be wiser if OpenText could create a training program about Documentum deployment and administration on CSP using managed Kubernetes. It would help clients to upskill their resources and save a lot of time. It is hard to get a resource who knows Documentum and also knows Kubernetes.