How do you call the “eDOCS DM Document” from 64-bit MS Access application?

Randy Cook
edited July 4, 2023 in eDOCS #1

I am an application manager with the Canadain Armed Forces. I have updated the MS Access application from 32-bit to 64-bit. In the 32-bit version I used “ SendKeys "e~" “ to open the Recently Edited Documents folder. However, under 64-bit it opens the MS Access insert object form and the user needs to select “eDOCS DM Document” and press ok. What is the equivalent to “ SendKeys "e~" “ in Access 64-bit?



  • Are you integrating MS Access with eDOCS using Interceptor? If you are running eDOCS 16.x or newer you should now have a 32 and 64-bit interceptor installed, one handles 32-bit apps, and the other handles 64-bit apps. The 64-bit instance will need to have MS ACCESS configured for it as well. It will write the configuration regkeys to the 64bit location so that the 64-bit app can read the configuration.