Intelligent Viewing: Customizing markup details to include state selection


Our team is moving from the old Brava! viewer to the new Core Viewing interface. One thing we noticed was missing was the ability to select a changemark type and state that we could use to prevent completion of a permit application.

Old Viewer

New Viewer

The documentation states that the markup details layout cannot be customized.

Without the ability to give each markup a "State", we cannot move forward with our integration. Is there a way to define a custom layout key for our scenario?


  • Karen Weir
    Karen Weir E Community Administrator

    Thanks for posting, and my apologies for the delay. I'll share this with our product team. Have you opened a ticket with our Support team?

  • Hi @Karen Weir , I've just gotten access to the support portal today. Here is the ticket number: CS0177001