Custom shortcut type in D2

(this was a question sent into the SDK email alias for D2 Smart View SDK partner challenge. It might help others, so I am reposting)

I am trying to add a custom tile to the SmartView landing page.

I’m following the explanation in the documentation (/sdk/general/howto/1_03_custom.widget.type)

I created a

One thing missing in this guide, which is explained in the Forum, is that you need to deploy the new plugin also to the D2-Config  ( put jar in D2-Config/WEB-INF/classes/plugins and add entry in D2-Config/WEB-INF/classes/

Following the guide, you then can add a “tile-container” to the landing page.

But what is the difference between a <tile-container> and a <widget-container>?

using a tile-container, I can use the new type, but not as a widget-container.

Kyle Pettit
Documentum D2 Product manager


  • Reply (from d2 engineering):

    So, we do support the custom widget types in both tile-containers as well as widget-containers. There is a known bug, and should be fixed in the next hotfix.

    Also, we will add a note as part of the plugins that it has to be placed in as well.

    Kyle Pettit
    Documentum D2 Product manager