23.2 hotfix 2 question - Smartview is not starting after HF2

(this was a question sent into the SDK email alias for D2 Smart View SDK partner challenge. It might help others, so I am reposting)

Smartview is not starting any more due to a  java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unknown server method name: IsSuperUser   error

any advice?

Kyle Pettit
Documentum D2 Product manager


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    1. What is the CS version used? Is it 23.2 itself or prior 22.4. Also is the existing D2-Smartview working? if yes, you can replace the dfc.jar from the working D2-Smartview to continue
      1. Location: <D2-Smartview>/WEB-INF/lib

    Kyle Pettit
    Documentum D2 Product manager

  • Kyle Pettit
    Kyle Pettit E mod
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    Partner reply:

    I am using 22.2 CS.   

    I am using smartview 23.2.0 (no hotfix, just the original version)  That works.
    I replaced in 23.2.2 (hotfix version) the dfc-23.2.0000.0142.jar with the 23.2.0  dfc.jar   (notice name difference)

    That is working now.

    Is CS 22.2 not ok?

    Kyle Pettit
    Documentum D2 Product manager