Email Notification Issue

Hello Guys,

need your assistance to fix the issue about send email. Find below the message error i am getting when using the sendEmail Web Service and
the screenshot of the configuration.

[CDATA[com.eibus.localization.exception.custom.LocalizableIllegalStateException: Connection to the mail server failed -' javax.mail.MessagingException: Could not connect to SMTP host: "machine name", port:: -1 ' is not 25, responsesuportped.


  • Hi @MAGE ,

    Can you please share us the following details, to help you better?

    • AppWorks Platform version
    • Email Service container logs

  • Hello @B Pavan Kumar,

    appworks version: 22.3

    Many thanks,

  • @MAGE ,

    I think you've not configured your Incoming / Outgoing mail server details promptly.

    Would you be able to set them right, based on your mail server configuration and give it a try. Email Connector complains that it doesn't identify / connect to the hostname that you've provided in the connector configuration.

    A probable sample could be something like this (I have provided a screenshot for an IMAP configuration, which should be almost similar for a POP3 as well).

  • ok @B Pavan Kumar

    let me check deeper.