Documentum D2 Smartview SDK

Documentation for the D2 Smartview SDK provides information to set up D2 SDK locally and develop custom implementations.

The D2 Smart View SDK consists of sources, binaries, documentation, and samples for -

  • D2 Smartview UI extension environment.
  • D2-REST services extension environment.
  • D2 plugin development environment.

It also includes a few tools to create and maintain a development workspace. With the D2 Smart View SDK, you can build enterprise-ready software components for Documentum D2 Smartview runtime to cater to custom business needs.

This Documentation consists of the following:

  • Getting started with the development environment
  • Architecture 
  • How to guide
  • Workspace assistant
  • Packaged Examples
  • API documentation for D2 Smartview and Nucleus
  • Java documentation for D2 REST, D2FS, DFC and Dctm REST

Please find detailed documentation as part of this GitHub Repository.

SDK documentation is also available in PDF format and can be downloaded from here