Issue with LDAP Modify while installing CARS in HA mode.

edited September 4, 2023 in AppWorks #1

Our goal is to install AppWorks in HA mode.

To start with,

  1. I have installed CARS on Node1 and Node2.
  2. Copied the certificates
  3. Now in the step "Configuring multi-master replication
    for OpenText CARS", while performing the ldapmodify using the script provided in documentation I get the error "ldapmodify: invalid format (line 18) entry: "olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config"
  4. Commands used are as follows.
    1. set LDAPTLS_REQCERT=never
    2. ldapmodify -H ldaps://<Node1>:<port> -f server1.ldif -w <LDAP configuration
      password> -D "cn=admin,cn=config"

The script for ldapmodify is as follows

Could someone help to resolve this issue?