Best approach for upgrading Documentum Server from version 7.3 to version 22.2

Hi Team,

We are planning to do upgrade of Documentum Server from version 7.3 to version 22.2.

The current Documentum Server (Content Server) version 7.3 is on Windows Server 2014.

The upgraded Documentum Server 22.2 will be on Windows Server 2019.

Please suggest best practice approach.

The installation guide of Documentum 22.2 describes the upgrade steps assuming it is in-place upgrade. But in our case the VMs are going to be different (existing VM OS Windows Server 2014 and new VM OS Windows Server 2019)

Appreciate inputs on this topic


  • The best approach is to clone the repository to your new system. In the Documentum System - Upgrade and Migration Guide, it is referred to as a repository copy.

  • Thank you Hicham for your input.

    In the guide (OpenText Documentum System CE 22.2 - Upgrade and Migration Guide) there seems to be 2 approaches - "Upgrading Documentum Server" and "Migrating Documentum Server". I believe you are recommending to follow repository cloning from "Migrating Documentum Server" section. Is my understand correct?

    We will go through the documentation to understand the migration (clone) approach in detail.

    Thanks again.

  • You can use either Method 1: Migrating a repository or Method 2: Copying a repository. With Method 1, you would need to restore the database in case your migration fails. Not with method 2. Other than that, they are very similar.

  • Thanks Hicham.

    We will keep your inputs in mind while designing our approach.