How to collect some TeamSite admin data


Hi Team
I need to collect total count of OpenText Teamsite Developer Suite,OpenDeploy Receiver (Device),Teamsite Power User, Teamsite Server (CPU),Teamsite Technical User,Teamsite Users. Is there any way to collect this count from Teamsite admin portal?


  • nipper

    Do you have advance reports ? Some of this is available there. Others may be available via CLTs (like iwrecentusers) or in logs (iwevent.log and content_center.log).

  • I have access to TeamSite admin UI but don't see advance reports option. Do you know where can I see this option?
    Other seems logs files which has few errors but couldn't find user categories which I'm looking for.

    I'm able to collect below data from TeamSite admin UI but still need some clarifications as mentioned below:

    TeamSite Technical User
    In User Management tab, Platform Master field value is Yes so, we're good

    TeamSite Power User OR TeamSite Users
    In User Management tab, for remaining users Platform Master field value is No and below is categorization but not sure which is Power User and Users?

    • UI Access: ContentCenter Professional
    • UI Access: ContentCenter Professional;Experience Studio
    • UI Access: ContentCenter Professional; ContentCenter Standard; TeamSite; Experience Studio

    OpenDeploy Receiver (Device)
    I'm not sure from where to collect this data.

    Thank you!

  • nipper

    Reports are a separate screen. Similar to how you change from CCPro to EStudio to Admin, there is a selection for Custom Reports.

    If the deployment options are not sufficient for the receiver data, you need either reports or the OD Admin UI. That is a separate install on the TS server and can connect to the receivers for data.

    Power users us not really a thing anymore, but it used to be Masters or Admins (Masters are server wide and Admins are branch specific). Finding that can be done by viewing user and seeing their branch and roles.

  • Actually I'm seeing only below options, not Custom Reports. Not sure if this is due to my access level OR this option is not available in TeamSite version
    Experience Studio
    CC Professional

    Finally, I'm collecting data from User Management —> Users tab.

    What is CLTs and how to use it. I'm not getting any relevant info in logs as well.

    Thank you!

  • nipper

    Custom reports is a package that can be installed, but likely not on your system. Too bad as those would help.

    CLT means command line tool, (iwrecentusers for example). There is a manual for Command Line Tools, you can peruse that, specifically Section 3 has breakdowns on what the 100+ commands do.

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