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I'm trying to make POST API call to create a folder using custom REST code. On execution I'm getting the 400 status code and following error message.

{"status":400,"code":"E_INPUT_MESSAGE_NOT_READABLE","message":"The input message is not readable.","details":"Error in unmarshalling the JSON representation into annotated object of class at [Source: (PushbackInputStream); line: 1, column: 279];The field propertiesMap is undefined","id":"d0606cf3-09f0-4a8f-ae39-a141ecda54c0"}
org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 400 null

Kindly help.



  • I guess that means that your request's body is malformed.

    I would advice you to test the correct syntax with Postman (great tool to play around with the REST services so that you find out the proper syntax

    Also, next time, I'd recommend you give us a bit more info about your issue, like how do you POST you folder creation with what parameters. Is it in Java, C#,….?

    And also post some example of code that generate the request's body, maybe that would help us help you more efficiently

  • ogbolivar
    ogbolivar Member

    The same at this side. I have faced multiple JSON format errors and now I find this one.

    I've created my Java client automatically with an OpenAPI tool. My request's body is supposed to be created automatically, just providing data values. E.g. I do it succesfully for get folder info operation.

    Would it make sense to provide official REST API clients for the main languages?

  • Ram_Kishan_Maitry

    Hi ogbolivar,

    Thanks for your response.

    Is there any major difference(i.e. functionality wise) between REST API 7.2 to 23.2?