Cannot copy file to another location in AppWorks

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I encountered an error when trying to copy the BPM file to another location. I have tried it on our customers server and local server. Any idea what could be the issue? I have attached the screenshot.

Thank You


  • @Support_OpenText

    We should not get this issue. Can you provide the AWP version where you have encountered this issue. Is this issue specific to that machine or any machine with that AWP version.

    From our case we are not able to reproduce the issue

  • Support_OpenText
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    Hi Shanti Vardhan,
    Thank you for your response.
    On our internal servers, we are using AppWorks versions 22.4 and 21.3. On the customer's server, we are using AppWorks version 21.3.
    For version 22.4, we performed a fresh install.
    Is there anything missing in the TomEE?

    Thank you.