iwauthend( Text file busy)


Hello Experts,

Here I am once again with another issue.

I am trying to upgrade TS to 22.4.2 on RHEL 7.9.

Installation going smooth till 31% but at 32% I get the below error:

ERROR | 2023-10-19 16:44:01 | [installer] ia.Driver ( - Failed to unpack component TeamSite from package /u01/app/TS-22.4.2/IWOVTeamSite-Linux-
com.interwoven.wcm.install.util.InstallException: Failed to unpack component TeamSite from package /u01/app/TS-22.4.2/IWOVTeamSite-Linux-

Caused by: /u01/app/iw-home/TeamSite/bin/iwauthend (Text file busy)

Anyone came across with this before?

P.S - Raised a ticket with support but as usual its taking ages to get the solution from them.




  • Hi Niraj,

    This error means that the authentication daemon service is still running. Both it and TS should be stopped at this point. Assuming that the installer is still running and hung, cd to TeamSite/private/bin and run this as root:


    Check the installer to see if it continues. You may have to restart it.


  • Talk to the Administration group. Sometimes there is a process that will restart processes that stop. I have had that happen more than once on upgrades. Really messes things up.

  • Thanks Dan!

    After running ./iwauthdstop, I am not getting iwauthend (Text file busy) error anymore but I got " /u01/app/iw-home/TeamSite/bin/iwproxy (Text file busy)". So killed iwproxy and ran the installation again and now I have very weird error:

    Executing Command : iwgetlocation

    panelsupport.PrerequisiteCheckSupport ( - Failed to get required values for checking disk space

    panels.CheckMetadata ( -
    com.interwoven.wcm.install.util.InstallException: Unable to install due to lack of disk

    I can't figure out what I am doing wrong? Am I missing any shared libraries?

  • Niraj,

    I found your support case. Let me take a look at the logs and reply there.


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