is there API endpoint for Document to update it in D2 using D2 REST API?

is there API endpoint for Document to updated it in D2 using D2 REST API?

Objective is to search the document name using unique name and get the objectID to update its meta-data. I do not see any API where I can find a objectid using search criteria. is there any examples ? DFS was way better than D2REST ,it is handicapping the whole integration of the Documentum system with other system at this point of time. Assign one developer to provide some documentation, it is not that hard for PRODUCT team to create documentation ,add the documentation STEP in DEVOPS cycle where product cannot be released unless documentation is provided for products. What is the use of half baked products releases. It is not a FIRST release of D2REST ,it is years in the making ,still half baked.


  • Hi @KSingh ,

    This is response from the D2-REST

    If I understand the requirement correctly , it’s to update the document metadata and to do so you need its ID but you only have the document name and the document name is unique. If this understanding is correct, you can use the d2Sysobject API (more details can be found here: ). A request similar to the one mentioned below should help.

    …./repositories/<reponame>/objects?inline=true&type=dm_document&filter=object_name eq '<your unique filename>'

    The id attribute in the response should give you the object’s id which you can use to update the documents metadata/properties