Restrict to have only one row in Grid in D2 Config

Srihari Reddy S
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Hi All,

I have a requirement to restrict Grid in Property Page to have only one row.

Basically when user selects a value for a property in the drop down in the grid, automatically next row is displayed. Can we restrict it? next row should not be displayed after selecting value in the drop down.

Can we write down any script or DQL or any conditions in Advance View Editor(Grid) to restrict? Do we have any materials for Advance View Editor? If yes, where can we find, please provide the link


Srihari Reddy


  • Can't remember if you can limit the number of rows in a grid but on another hand, if you only want 1 line, you don't really need to use a grid, you could use the column component

  • Srihari Reddy S
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    Thanks Franky…True, but business wants to have it in a grid. If it is not possible, then we need to modify. Could you please provide any materials/documentation related to Advance View Editor in D2-Config. Version: 20.2

  • Hi All,

    Can we evaluate each row in a Grid? I saw an option in D2-Config, Row-based evaluation.

    Did anyone used this? I have checked this option, but don't see any change in the functionality.

    Now, we can have more than one row in the grid, but the value we select in the grid should be populated automatically in the next row and only that value should be available in the dropdown.

    Is there a way to achieve this functionality?

  • That's a lot of new questions about grid added to this thread, I recommend you create 1 post per questions. The thing is that by adding questions to this thread, people not interested in this thread will not see them, by creating new posts, they will and might be able to help….

    My 2 cents