Microsoft Graph Connector Using Team Site Data

Sudhakar Jothilingam
edited November 29, 2023 in TeamSite #1

I am trying to find out the possibility of integrating web
crawling capabilities into the team site for one of our customers who
is using the team site.

Later we can use the crawl data to build indexes which can be used by
Microsoft Graph Connector for our specific needs.

We are currently exploring ways to enhance our data retrieval
processes, and we believe that leveraging web crawling techniques
could significantly contribute to our efforts. Our goal is to extract
data from the team site and seamlessly integrate it into our Microsoft
Graph Connector setup.

I would greatly appreciate it if any one could provide guidance or share
information on how we can integrate web crawling functionality from
the team site. Specifically, we are interested in understanding any
recommended best practices, available APIs, or documentation that can
help us achieve this integration effectively.

If there are any other resources that delve into this topic, please do share those details as well.

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