There is always a pop up saying to open DCMApp.exe when log into D2

Hi there, 

I have been having some trouble with the pop-up that always comes up when I login into D2.
It says it wants to open the DCMApp.exe. "mylocalhost" wants to open this application. 
Could anyone please guide me on how to stop the pop-up from appearing?

Thank you.



  • I'm quite sure this is documented as this is due to chrome/edge policies. These policies can be configured with hosts to allow the component to run, so users are not asked every time the log in, but I do not remember the exact values.

  • Thank you Alvaro :)

    Does anyone else know the answer to this or where is it documented?
    Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • It is on the support page, KB0549391 

  • My system doesn't have the Edge directory under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft. Am I supposed to manually create that too? And what about the other values and directories shown in the screenshot in KB0549391?

    Thanks Bertha.

  • Weird, Did you run Edge on it?

    on my system, (Windows 11)I have it at:

    I guess you could try yo create it to see what happens.

    It could also be that this is set by your IT group in the Group policies…. and is reset when you log in your domain

  • Interesting that your folder is called MicrosoftEdge, whereas in KB0549391 it's called Edge.

  • Might depend on the version of Windows. I guess the KB is getting a bit old.

    Also, I don;t use Edge, I use chrome so I don't know if it's the right place to put the value.

    For me, on Chrome, it works…..

  • I manually created the folder Edge under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft and created the value:

    AutoLaunchProtocolsFromOrigins=[{"allowed_origins": ["*"], "protocol": "dctmctf"}]

    and that fixed it for me!

  • Hi thank you all.

    I am also wondering since the Documentum Suite is installed on a VM and when I access the website on my local computer the pop-up comes up.
    Can I edit the registry key in my VM so that it takes place in every local computer as well? Or I will have to do the amendment on my local computer for it to take effect?


  • It's a client side thing so you need to do it on your PC.

    However, I suppose in a domain, you could set it as part of the Global policies and push it to all client PC's

  • Thank you Franky.
    Much appreciated.